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When Jamie began creating content for our fintech startup, we were starting completely from scratch and I didn’t really have much to give Jamie to work with. Without skipping a beat, Jamie fully immersed herself in the personal finance space and began to churn out helpful, relevant pieces that not only stated the facts but told compelling, relatable stories. While I had my hands full across the business, Jamie was excellent at managing her work independently and hardly ever needed my direction. She was responsive, timely, and efficient - even when I had to spring something on her at the last minute or needed yet another revision. In a very short time, she built up an entire content library, with one of her pieces about a “breakup budget” still being one of the best performing on our site! Resources at a startup are precious; starting this project felt like a make-or-break moment and Jamie totally delivered. Plus, when you find a writer that can make finances seem interesting, you never want to let her go! 

Kerri Moriarty, Business Development Strategist  (Blog writing)


Jamie is engaging and provided great structure and guidance. My favorite part of working with Jamie was how dedicated she was to getting to know my story, her thoughtful questions around my intentions, wanting to know more about my relationship with Dottie, and how she respectfully and professionally guided me, inspired me and taught me how to be a better writer and kept the story in my language, not hers. I will never forget when I received the first draft of Jamie’s editing and seeing the book in its new format. I cried as I began to read it, as my story was coming across with my original intention. Jamie had brought our story to life. As a result of Jamie’s commitment, dedication, deep listening and her command of the literary word, she helped me create a final work of art that will forever honor the memory of my dearest friend Dottie.

Dan Ploof, Author (Manuscript & structural editing)

Jamie is brilliant yet plainspoken, driven yet humble. I cannot adequately describe the effect she has on others. Through artful and skilled rhetoric, I have time and again seen her take on complex and morally “thick” issues and visibly affect audiences through her argument. She truly is without equal.

Dr. Peter Liotta, MFA, Ph.D. (Writing professor)

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